Good Writing in Pursuit of Great Ideas

Good Writing

in Pursuit of Great Ideas

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Suphak Chawla, Ph.D.

Suphak is bilingual in English and Thai and has a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. She has extensive teaching experience from the University of Oregon, University of Michigan, and at Chiang Mai University. In addition to teaching critical thinking and academic writing, she has taught literature, culture, and language courses in English, Spanish, and Thai to students of diverse nationalities. She also speaks some Hindi and is learning Cantonese.

Active Intelligence


Middle School

Improve English language skills while cultivating smart thinking habits.

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Analysis & Argumentation

Analysis &

High School and College

Develop fluency in English while building college-level critical thinking and writing skills.

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Research & Publication

Research &

Graduates and Professionals

Acquire the tools for advanced research, writing, and developing strong manuscripts for publication.

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Write Smart does more than prepare students for the academic expectations of international schools and universities. My goal is to help students cultivate constructive habits of mind — a way of thinking that is both critical and inventive. By sharpening their higher-order thinking and writing skills, the programs encourage students to become self-directed seekers of knowledge and creators of new possibilities, with a lifelong confidence in their ability to take on complex challenges.

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