Research &

Graduates and Professionals

Acquire the tools for advanced research, writing, and developing strong manuscripts for publication.

Designed for students preparing for or enrolled in graduate programs, and for professionals writing for publication, the curriculum provides individualized guidance on all aspects of advanced research writing. The skill set includes:


The program is tailored to engage and progressively challenge each student, starting at your own academic level, and can be taken individually or with a few friends.

$ 190 First Trial Month
  • one-on-one
    1.5 hour / lesson
    1 lesson / week x 4 weeks
$ 250 First Trial Month
  • 2-3 students
    1.5 hour / lesson
    1 lesson / week x 4 weeks
$ 320 First Trial Month
  • 4-5 students
    1.5 hour / lesson
    1 lesson / week x 4 weeks


Lessons tailored to suit your skills and goals, based on an initial assessment

50% off your first trial month (4 weeks), with no obligation to continue

One lesson/week of one and half hours, adjustable after trial month

Interactive online learning on a flexible schedule

Course duration of 12, 24, or 36 weeks depending on your learning objectives

Pay month-to-month, or for 3-6 months for additional discounts

For a class of 6 or more students, please contact us.

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