What Our Students Say

Yujun Chen

Dr. Chawla is a serious and responsible teacher. Her lessons have greatly helped Jake improve his English writing ability. Dr. Chawla’s English is pure American accent. She tailors her lesson plan and learning content to each student according to their skill level. For each class she does a lot of preparation work, sends the lesson and readings to the student for preview, which is also convenient for the student to review later. After each lesson, writing assignments will be given and the student’s work will be discussed in the next lesson. Jake likes to take Dr. Chawla’s writing class. We are very lucky to meet Dr. Chawla. Thank you for your serious and professional teaching. Only since then has Jake’s performance improved steadily. Thanks again, Dr. Chawla.

June Phupasuk

If you want to improve your analytical thinking in a systematic way but don’t know how to get started, give Write Smart Academy a try. Personally, I am disappointed with the education in Thai schools because there are no subjects to help train students to think critically, so students are often unable to construct good and credible arguments. Until Professor Chawla coached me in academic methods and skills that you can even apply effectively to your life. Just 4 weeks after deciding to take lessons with her, I noticed a change in my thinking system. Whether for reading books, articles, or even debating online, the teacher points out weaknesses in our reasoning that we often overlook when presenting opinions or arguments. I came to believe from then on that critical and systematic analytical thinking is not only an academic skill but a skill everyone should have. Especially in today’s world where anyone can comment on social platforms, meaningful debate is doubly important. And the most important thing I learned from the teacher’s course is to not insult myself, and to believe that anyone can learn, practice, and develop logical reasoning skills. No prior knowledge is need to start learning at Write Smart Academy so let’s all dare to try.

Nattanicha Lekkla

Studying at Write Smart Academy helped me develop English language skills for academic writing, and analytical thinking skills to interpret data and construct arguments. Academic discussions with the teacher also helped me develop my research ideas. Professor Chawla has expertise in both academic work and the use of English and Thai, so she can easily answer questions and explain difficult academic subjects or English usage, things that Thai students sometimes find difficult to understand. Learning one-on-one or in small groups allows the teacher to assess our weaknesses and strengths in each skill area, so she can help us improve more effectively. Write Smart Academy is great for those who want to practice English at a higher level and for academic writing.

Lalita Yawangsan

The course is more than about learning English for academic work. It teaches students how to reason and to construct logical arguments.